To date, Nathan P. Butler has written one novel and three novellas, all published (or to be published) by Grail Quest Books.
Greater Good:
Revised and Expanded

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It is a tale of time travel and telepaths as a terrorist from the future travels back to our time in order to stop the formation of the American Regime that rules in 2265. Can a time traveling law enforcement officer from the future and an FBI agent from our time stop this menace, and just what is the "greater good?"

Self-published, 2009
Grail Quest Books (Revised and Expanded), 2012

The Battle of Phobos

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The WARS: The Battle of Phobos novella series consists of nine books set in the universe of Decipher, Inc.'s WARS gaming franchise. The nine books consist of three from each human faction (Earthers, Gongen, and Mavericks) that are first released in ebook form, then collected, three at a time (one per faction), into three softcover volumes: Preludes; Stretti; and Codettas.

For this series, Nathan P. Butler has written the first and second volumes of the Earther faction (Healers and Hunters and On Red Soil). The first of these has been released independently as an illustrated novella through Indy Planet, and both have been collected with their respective Gongen and Maverick volumes into softcover volumes.