A Belated Recap
(pertaining to: WARS, 06-03-14)

Wow, has it really been nearly a year and a half? Beginning in late 2012, things around the Butler household jumped into high gear, both good and bad. The good news: I've gotten married and am now approaching our first wedding anniversary, having just passed our sixth dating anniversary, and my newest WARS: The Battle of Phobos novella, On Red Soil, has been released in print form now as part of the Stretti softcover volume. Between that good news and the bad news of a long stretch (finally over) of unemployment for my wife and numerous health problems for her, updating this website was overlooked for a long while.

What is new recently? Check out the educational podcasts section, as I have just completed a series for American Government (Civics) to go with those already existing for U.S. History, World History, and Economics! I have also recently had the pleasure of being interviewed twice in print online, first by Forrest Bezotte, then by Vandian Avenue. See the links below to check those out.

My sincere apologies, and I will be sure to post pertinent updates more frequently in the future (at least not skipping over a year next time, I promise!).

Interview by Forrest Bezotte
Interview with Vanadian Avenue