New Edition of WARS: The Battle of Phobos: Preludes Released
(pertaining to: WARS, 05-25-12)

Hot on the heels of the release of Greater Good, I have been informed by Josh Radke of Grail Quest Books that the first paperback in our WARS: The Battle of Phobos series has now been re-released (under the same ISBN, so through the same methods as before without any problems). This new edition features a new, more dynamic cover, along with copyedits and other general typesetting "fixes" from the previous edition, which will no longer be available.

Pick this one up to check out my first WARS novella, Healers and Hunters, along with Sean E. Williams' The Great Journey and Jim Perry's Firefight at Overwatch Command that, together, provide the first volume from each faction's standpoint: Earthers; Gongen; and Mavericks, respectively.

Also, on a side note: The second Maverick faction novella by Jim Perry has been sent off to Decipher for final approvals. Once that happens, it will see release in ebook form, then all of the second faction novellas (including my second Earther novella, On Red Soil) will soon see print as the second collected paperback edition, entitled Stretti. More on this as it develops.