Butler to Attend ConCarolinas 2012
(pertaining to: ConCarolinas, 04-15-12)

For those who don't know already, I have been a regular guest and/or panelist at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC, USA, every year since 2004 (with the exception of one year in which he was too ill to attend). This year, I will be attending once again, this time as a panelist (i.e. with less panels than someone with the "guest" label). I will be promoting Greater Good and the WARS: The Battle of Phobos materials and have copies of Greater Good with me to sell and sign.

If you have wanted chance to catch me in person at a convention where the atmosphere is family-friendly and much more personal than many of the larger conventions, this is the one to attend.

ConCarolinas 2012 runs June 1 - 3, 2012, at the Charlotte Hilton University Place in Charlotte, North Carolina. See the link below for more details.