A Saga on Home Video: A Fan's Guide to U.S. Star Wars Home Video Releases Released
May 1977 - May 2017 explored [Full Story]
(pertaining to: A Saga on Home Video, 04-02-17)

A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Exploring Star Wars Comics Released
New essay on Marvel's classic Star Wars comics [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Non-fiction Works, 12-04-16)

A Long Time Ago: Exploring the Star Wars Cinematic Universe Released
New essay on Star Wars: Rebels [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Non-fiction Works, 11-06-15)

A Belated Recap
Stretti released, Nathan married, and more [Full Story]
(pertaining to: WARS, 06-03-14)

WARS: The Battle of Phobos: Stretti Up for Preorder
Collecting On Red Soil with its companions [Full Story]
(pertaining to: WARS, 10-10-12)

Star Wars Tales #21 Re-released Digitally
Another way to get NPB's tale [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Star Wars Tales, 06-29-12)

Greater Good Arrives on Nook
Now on both major ebook readers [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Greater Good, 06-11-12)

Greater Good Arrives on Kindle
Nook on the way as well [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Greater Good, 06-10-12)

New Edition of WARS: The Battle of Phobos: Preludes Released
New edition, new cover [Full Story]
(pertaining to: WARS, 05-25-12)

Butler's Blog Highlighted on Middle-Earth Network with Interview
Featured on MME [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Nathan's Blog, 05-25-12)

Butler's Two WARS Novellas Reviewed on Middle-Earth Network
Reviews on MME [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Nathan's Blog, 04-30-12)

Signed Greater Good Giveaway
Contest runs May 16 - 31 [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Nathan's Blog, 05-16-12)

Butler Launches New Blog
Third time is the charm... [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Nathan's Blog, 04-24-12)

Butler to Attend ConCarolinas 2012
Attending ConCarolinas for the eighth time [Full Story]
(pertaining to: ConCarolinas, 04-15-12)

Greater Good Released
Tale of time traveling telepaths professionally published [Full Story]
(pertaining to: Greater Good, 04-12-12)

Nathan Interviewed on WARS Radio 2
Butler interviewed by Wylder [Full Story]
(pertaining to: WARS, 03-02-12)