In 2009, Nathan P. Butler self-published a sci-fi time travel thriller with the twist of those time travelers being telepaths. The story, entitled Greater Good, explores ethical and historical themes as well. In 2012, Greater Good was professionally released through Grail Quest Books in a new Revised and Expanded version that features new inserts from the manifesto of the novel's terrorist group, a brand new afterword that discusses the novel's take on time travel and other aspects of its creation, and general tweaks throughout. It is, to date, the work of which Butler is the proudest and considers his strongest.
Greater Good
Revised and Expanded Edition

In 2265, the American Regime dominates our hemisphere, ruled by a powerful nobility: telepaths. While this gifted minority rules over the normal human majority, society enjoys stability and security. But this version of the future comes with its own set of problems and acts of rebellion. A formidable telepath and rebel against this paranormal ruling class has traveled back through time in a driven effort to eliminate this future oppressive Regime.

Now, a law enforcement officer from this future, Cray Ellis, and an unwitting FBI agent from our present, Carla VanderVall, must stop this 'Redeemer' before he can act in the name of the...greater good.

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Greater Good
Self-Published Edition

This is the cover for the original, self-published edition of Greater Good from 2009. You might consider it a collector's item now, since it is no longer available. It features the "untweaked" text that refers to, for example, a Ford Mustang instead of the fictional Rathe Stallion. It also lacks the Goel manifesto inserts and afterword that appear in the professional relaese. It was this version of text that, at one time, had an audio release on