To date, Nathan P. Butler has written one published comic book story, which has been featured in four different Star Wars comic book releases.
Star Wars Tales:
Equals and Opposites

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In 2004, Nathan P. Butler wrote the short comic book story Equals and Opposites for Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars Tales #21 (both covers below). The story, featuring Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors (both of Dark Forces / Jedi Knight video game fame) against the Yuuzhan Vong (The New Jedi Order), was later re-released as part of the collected Star Wars Tales, Vol. 6 (below right), then separately as a Hasbro Comic Pack with action figures (right) and as a digital comic with its art cover.

These are the original covers for the different anthology comics featuring Equals and Opposites. From left to right, they are: Star Wars Tales #21 (Art Cover); Star Wars Tales #21 (Photo Cover); Star Wars Tales Vol. 6 (trade paperback).